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Trick of the Light

Cover image of Trick of the Light by Laura Elvery featuring a dead bird on a pink background

Trick of the Light is Laura’s debut collection of short stories.

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An art teacher sends four of her students on a guerrilla mission. A young runner struggles to make sense of his best friend’s death. A health-food company adopts a farcical promotional strategy. A factory worker spends her days applying radioactive paint to watches, while dreaming of a future with her new suitor.

With a keen eye for detail and rich emotional insight, Laura Elvery reveals the fears and fantasies of everyday people searching for meaning.

A complex emotional intimacy is present in all of Elvery’s stories, but it’s her inventive characters meeting original circumstances that makes Trick of the Light that rare thing: a page-turning short fiction collection. The Saturday Paper
Radiant, accomplished and exquisitely written, this is an outstanding collection. Ryan O'Neill
Trick of the Light is at times haunting and poetic, other times bright and sharp, and always memorable and hopeful … This thoroughly profound, bold and playful debut pulled me along and pulled me apart. Brooke Davis
Elvery has a talent for portraying the minutiae of characters’ lives and then suddenly stripping the banal away, so that we are left staring at the bare bones of a life […] Elvery’s debut reads like a triumph of excavation – a collection in which dark matter is exposed and subsequently transformed […] An intriguing and powerful new writer. Overland